SCCM – There are no task sequences available for this computer

Another SCCM detective story 🙂

Usually when you see a message [There are no task sequences available for this computer] after you set the IP addresses in the OSD deployment wizard, it means that Computer association was not completed correctly and SCCM is not able to find a server record in its database to map OSD Task Sequence to it. 
In my case association was correct [to make sure that it was I’ve recreated association several times].
Variables [IP address, MAC address] are in place. 
Server was able to communicate with SCCM.
Site Boundaries are in place [IP ranges are configured].

So, it’s time to read the log 🙂 Boot SCCM agent and press F8. Go to X:\Windows\Temp\SMSTSLog and run “notepad smsts.log”. Log was showing that SCCM is able to find the computer, but nothing is advertised to it.

Hm, OK. I double checked collection and computer properties. SCCM was clearly showing that there is a Task Sequence assigned to my new computer.

Lets try again. Reboot, Wizard, same error, reading the log again. And suddenly one strange record caught my eye: “Netbios Name = ServerName”, where ServerName was not the name of my server, but one of the existing servers’. WTF, I thought silently 🙂 Why SCCM thinks that this brand new server is tied to an existing old record? Association must be done based on the MAC address, which is unique.

At this point I had enough material to google it 🙂 SCCM identifies new computers by BIOS GUID and MAC, and there is a chance that two servers can have the same BIOS GUID. Well, our environment is configured to use MAC address based associations, not GUID, but that was an interesting hint.

I’ve extracted servers’ GUID:

Then made a Report in SCCM that showed me all the servers with this GUID:

select v_R_System.Name0,v_R_System.SMBIOS_GUID0 
from v_R_System 
where v_R_System.SMBIOS_GUID0 = '4C4C4544-0000-2010-8020-80C04F202020'

Query found even 2 servers with the same GUID. All that pointed to a hardware side, DELL in this case. Obvious question – can I change the GUID? I googled it and when I saw a post with the same GUID in it I was completely convinced that this is a hardware issue. DELL server generates ‘4C4C4544-0000-2010-8020-80C04F202020’ GUID when the Service Tag/Asset Tag are not configured.

My server had Service Tag, but empty Asset Tag. Data Centre guy contacted DELL support and it appeared that there is a special utility to fix that – svctag.exe

Unique GUID was generated as soon as the Asset Tag was set:

Advertised OSD was detected and I was able to continue the build 🙂

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