Citrix – configure direct Datastore access

Recently I’ve got an issue with one of the XenApp servers being unable to serve published applications. IMA service had issues connecting to a Datastore:

After performing few checks it became clear that the server has networking issues. Networking was fixed, but while I was checking things something interesting caught my eye – the “DataSourceName” property had no value:

It apeared that initially the Farm was configured with the Access database. Access was located on the Presentation server and other servers in the farm were connecting to it and not to the database directly.  Citrix is calling this type of configuration – indirect. If you see a “PSSERVER” property it means indirect connection is active.

Later a separate MS SQL database was deployed, but people forgot to change the connection type.
So, we need to reconfigure PS to connect to the datastore directly.

Step 1 – MF20.dsn
The server that was used as an intermidiate one already had the direct connection configured. So that I could use the MF20.dsn file from that server. File was imideatly copied to the C:\Program Files\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\ folder.

Step 2 – run dsmaint config
dsmaint command line utility allows you to configure ODBC and other related settings. To be able to execute the command successfuly you need to know the Citrix database account name. This account ia has db_owner rights. Supose the user name is “dbuser” and the password is “P4sw0rd”, then the full command is:
dsmaint config /user:dbuser /pwd:P4sw0rd /dsn:”C:\\Program Files\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\MF20.dsn”

If the command was successfully executed you should see:

Step 3 – restart IMA and check
Restart IMA service, check Registries for the “DataSourceName” property and check network connectivity [with TcpVew] to ensure that the server has an active connection to the database.

Hopefully, if everything else is set correctly you should have the direct mode enabled.


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