Configuration – Disable ISATAP Tunnel adapters

Have you ever wondered what are these?

if no, then here is a quick explanation

In any case I’ve decided to get rid of them because every time I run ipconfig /all I get a lot of useless stuff and it’s pretty annoying 🙂

One really quick way of doing this is to use Device Manager. It won’t show you ISATAP adapters by default because they are hidden. So just show hidden devices first and then disable:

This is all nice but I prefer doing things programatically.
Microsoft has a really old utility that acts as an alternative to Device Manager – DevCon.exe.
You can enable, disable, restart, update, remove, and query individual devices or groups of devices.;EN-US;Q311272

Lets first find those adapters:

You can type devcon.exe find * to show all the devices in your system. It’s quite a list ha 🙂
Anyway, lets now disable ISATAP adapters:

From now on my ipconfig /all is nice and clean 🙂


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