Powershell – get user Profile and Home directory paths

I’ve been recently working with Terminal Servers and one of the things I needed from time to time is a Profile configuration [Profile path and Home folder path] for the users located in one or another OU:

Here is a short PowerShell script to collect above information:
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Powershell – extracting VLAN IDs from the Hyper-V host

Lately I have been replicating live Hyper-V cluster configuration to the similar cluster in the DR. One of the things I had to do is to ask our networking guys to point the same VLANs to the DR servers. In our case VLANs are configured on the VMs adaper side, therefore for me to collect all the VLANs I had to check every VM. Boring 🙂

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PowerShell – Find all VMs running on all your HyperV servers

Supose you have many HyperV servers [standalone and clusters] and you would like to collect all the VM names and their current statuses [like running, stopped, etc.]. Powershell script is in great help here, it will give you the answer in few seconds.

I’m going to use WMI. Why? Because it allows me to query remote servers whether they have Powershell installed or not (to be hounest you could use VBScript here, but these days if you are using PS you are cool 🙂 Continue reading