Powershell – XenApp Printer mapping issue workaround

Let me first describe the issue.
The remote office users are on Windows 7, there are several local RICOH printers configured over the local network.
When users want to connect to the enterprise they login to the XenApp Web Interface and then run a Pulished Desktop.
Office applications are used within the Published Desktop and threfore when there is a need to print a document it have to be redirected to the locally attached/configured RICOH printer. In other words, when user tries to print from the Published Desktop he/she should be able to see/select a locally configured printer.

Now, here is the problem – user can actually see the printer from within XenApp desktop but the printer can not be selected. The printer or I should probably say the printer driver is not initialized correctly. If I look at the Printers console on the server I see the printer being created for the user session, but if I would try to open the properties the following “0x00000709” error message would appear:
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Citrix – configure direct Datastore access

Recently I’ve got an issue with one of the XenApp servers being unable to serve published applications. IMA service had issues connecting to a Datastore:

After performing few checks it became clear that the server has networking issues. Networking was fixed, but while I was checking things something interesting caught my eye – the “DataSourceName” property had no value:

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